Manual vetting is necessary to fish out even the tiniest false positive. It is helpful in giving a completely actionable report with zero false positives for remediation efficiency.

Manual vulnerability scanning is the process of identifying security vulnerabilities that may be present in applications and networks. It is an in-depth testing approach that provides more accurate results than automated scanning tools.

The time taken to perform manual vulnerability scanning depends on the complexity and size of the application or network being tested. Our team can provide a time estimate after analyzing your specific needs.

Yes, our manual vulnerability scanning services are specifically customized to meet the needs of each client. We work with you to understand your business requirements and tailor our testing approach accordingly.

Our manual vulnerability scanning services can detect a wide range of vulnerabilities, such as those related to web applications, network devices, and mobile applications. Our team of security professionals is experienced in identifying both common and complex vulnerabilities.

To get started with our manual vulnerability scanning services, you have to contact us through our website or by email. Our team will communicate with you to understand your needs and provide a customized proposal for our services.

Yes, we have vulnerability assessments and penetration tests at Hyrrokkin’s Security's services. The successful remediation of the vulnerabilities identified is verified with the help of mandatory re-scan.