Social Media Marketing

Increasing brand awareness with strategic social media campaigns

Social Media Marketing

In this digitally maneuvered world social media has become the greatest market place for all businesses. Your success as a brand is much dependent on your popularity on these fast paced platforms. Brandwatch, is the ideal social suite designed to meet the pace of these platforms for any business. It is a very effective solution to engage and understand the needs of the customers through immediate adaptation.

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Best in Class Service

  • In-depth research abilities - A consumer’s demands can be analysed by closely studying the social media conversations. This can help get an insight into the preferences and opinions of the consumers.
  • Reputation management abilities - Brandwatch gives you the opportunity to intricately monitor the performance of your brand on the different platforms. This can help you resolve any negative opinion or comment made proactively; thereby protecting thor reputation from getting maligned.
  • Winning content creation abilities - You can help your brand grow with unique content, all on one single collaborative social content calendar.
  • Consumer engaging abilities - Brnadwatch gives you an unmatched customer experience by engaging with the right people in the right place at the right time
Hyrrokkin’s Social Media Marketing Squad Give To You:

Experienced team

The experienced social media experts on our team have a deep understanding of various social media platforms and are capable of creating effective social media strategies suited to your business.

Customized approach

To uphold the uniqueness and requirements of businesses, we at Hyrrokkin, ensure that we have a customized approach for every customer’s social media marketing strategy.

Data-driven approach

Our social media marketing strategies are primarily data-driven. Our campaigns achieve the optimized and best results by analyzing social media metrics and performance.

Creative content

Our exclusive content caters to the target audience aptly and is applauded for its high-quality. It is very efficient in engaging content that resonates with the customers requirements. We pack our content with eye-catching graphics to compelling copy so that your business stands out on social media.


We maintain utmost transparency with our clients about our Social Media Marketing processes and results. We send regular updates and reports on the progress of your campaigns, so you can track your ROI and make informed decisions

Our Strategic Plan

Carefully blending personalisation into you social media marketing strategy


Leverage Targeted Advertising

We use chatbots to personalize the customer service and successfully engage potential customers. The information given to the query is very relevant and has clarity which stimulates satisfaction in every customer.


Use Personalized Messaging

We ensure that content used directly addresses all the interests and needs of the customer. This is what instigates us to create location-based, behavior-based, or preference-based content to drive engagement and build brand loyalty.


Offer Personalized Promotions

Offering personalized promotions and discounts based on purchase or engagement history has been a proven strategy to increase traffic to your business. We, at Hyrrokkin, use this approach to help boost brand loyalty and encourage customer retention.

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