Yes we do have an Annual Maintenance Contract or AMC. A customer and a service provider sign an agreement which lays down the terms and conditions of the undertaken project. The scope of work, the tenure and the payment schemes are all clearly articulated in this AMC. The AMC helps keep the website as well as the customer up-to-date alongside maintaining the required security and industry standards.

An Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) is an important document for the smooth running of a website. Developing, designing and creating a website is only half the job done. Its completion is found in the way it is taken care of by the makers. Hyrrokkin emphasizes and recommends an AMC to all its clients for various reasons. An AMC streamlines the aspects of security, performance, functionality and cost savings of a website. The kind of technology growth in the present times makes a website vulnerable after a few days, maintenance of the website at the time can help prevent it from malware, hacking, virus intrusions, etc. The plugin updates, fixing of broken lines after a period of use is very important in ensuring the overall health of the website. This is so that the benchmark of user experience is upheld at all times and both our clients as well as their users are happy with the performance of the curated website at all times. This yearly maintenance of the website further ensures the quality of the SEO is always optimum so that the website owning company can enjoy the benefits of an increased traffic always. Therefore, the AMC is the bond that seals the permanent nurturing of a website that is beneficial to all.

Yes, at Hyrrokkin we attach special attention to the security of WordPress, so that all your content can be managed effortlessly. The expertise and experience our team of developers have makes us very cautious of the need for the security of websites. This is what drives us to create websites that are 100% secure and free of all security vulnerabilities. We assure you complete a 360 degree coverage of your website against any security breach or malfunction. It is our responsibility to deliver to you a website that is completely protected and secure.

  • The popu;arity of WordPress as the most popular content management system in the world is unmatched. It is used by nearly 34% of all websites on the internet.
  • In the CMS market, it holds as much as 60.8% market share.
  • WordPress is reputed to power about 14.7% of the top websites globally.
  • When compared to its contemporaries which are used for a maximum of 60-80 websites, WordPRess is used to power more than 500 websites each day.
  • There are about 55,000 plugins featured on WordPress Plugin Directory.
  • A popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress, WooCommerce, powers 22% of the world's top 1 million eCommerce sites.

Often indistinct details lead to the delay of a project because of the reworks that need to be done. But with the experts of website development at Hyrrokkin, you do not have to worry about extended timelines. The tenure of a project only increases when the size and complexity is more; this is why it is very important to have absolutely articulate details from the client. If your project is small you can expect it to be completed in a matter of few wells, however, if its a bigger project, it can even last for months. The expertise of our designers and developers in identifying the essential resources needed to complete the project guarantees legitimate timelines as well as its timely delivery of the project.

As an action of our understanding of the importance of regular back and prevention of data loss for WordPress backed websites, we offer complete and secure backup solutions. Our solutions can assure you of data retrieval even at the event of a website crash irrespective of it being your website’s content or media files and other important data. We have a close watch on your data and have our guards up to prevent it from suffering any kind of loss. You can now concentrate on developing your business while we keep your data safe.