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Cyber attacks are increasing every day. Stay protected.

With experience in penetration tests and the ethical hacking industry for more than a decade, Hyrrokkin security professional guidance is what your business needs. Serving customers in over 12 countries across the globe, we are valued for our transparent communication with our clients along with the accuracy and clarity of our reports. These reports are your guide to discover vulnerabilities, impact of breaches and counter measures to reduce exposure.

Reasons you need Hyrrokkin VAPT services

  • To know how much it would cost if your IT infrastructure is disrupted for a day?
  • If your IT Infrastructure is crucial to your business and you want to evaluate your defence mechanisms
  • To conduct risk assessment and identify the threats to your proprietary data and its impact on your business
  • To reduce the risk of a data breach from software or network vulnerabilities.
  • If you need to adhere to any governing standards that require a penetration test for compliance in your business vertical
  • When you suspect that you’ve been hacked and want to avoid security breaches in future
Application Security


White Box (or) Overt
Security Testing

Black Box (or) Covert
Security Testing

White Box / Overt Security Testing

The structural testing of your application, wherein the tester is aware of the internal structure/design/implementation of the item being tested. The assessors work from the internal network and assume the identity of a trusted insider or an attacker who has penetrated the perimeter defenses. System-level security and configuration including application and service configuration, authentication, access control, and system hardening are the focal points of this type of testing.

  • Vulnerability scans with 3000+ tests (OWASP, SANS etc.)
  • Cloud security review for platforms like AWS/GCP/Azure
  • Business-logic testing to uncover logical vulnerabilities
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Black Box / Covert Security Testing

There is no insider data in this form of testing, instead it is a real time threat that is being attended. The goal of this is to reveal vulnerabilities that could be exploited by an external attacker. A basic knowledge of the application is present and is suitable for clients who wish to check how a malicious threat could gain access to their application from outside their security perimeter.

  • Vulnerability scans with 3000+ tests (OWASP, SANS etc.)
  • Cloud security review for platforms like AWS/GCP/Azure
  • Business-logic testing to uncover logical vulnerabilities
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Mode of Delivery


Using remote technologies such as VPN our security specialist access your internal assets and perform remote testing of internal infrastructure and application.


Our specialists conduct the security testing within the organization’s network

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We have successfully fought the COVID Pandemic, now it is time to fight the pandemic of cybercrime. Seeing the rising numbers of the attacks to an unbelievable 2500+ attacks and threats per day, it is only wise to construct a protective wall around your digital presence. You could be in that list if your defense mechanism is not solid. An average cyber attack costs $2 million. There is therefore, no reason for you to not get started immediately. It’s very simple and easy to get started and most importantly it costs less than you think.

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