Product Engineering

Ideation to Commercialisation

Let’s change the world with Product Engineering.

Product Engineering is the process of innovating, designing, developing, testing, and deploying a product that is market feasible, has high usability, and possesses the habit-forming ability. We will understand your business system and make your brand connect with all sets of audiences through designing, prototyping, and scaling up meaningful experiences for your customers

01. Ideation, Scrutiny & Documentation

This is the first and the most challenging step in product engineering. Identifying what the market actually needs, Strengths and weaknesses of our competitors, finding gaps in products available in the market, value proposition, marketing strategies, developing a product roadmap with functionalities in brief, and starting a prototype. As your preferred technical team, hyrrokkian’s will work alongside with you and guide you professionally to freeze the scope of your dream product.

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02. Prototyping

The second step is building your minimum viable product with prototyping. During this process, our team will intensively analyse and design wireframes using top notch tools available on the industry. This will help you identify the metrics involved in customer experience before starting the coding process.

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03. Secure Development

After prototyping the next immediate step is creating a secure and scalable MVP. Creating a minimum viable product with essential features (not all desired features) will save you huge time and help you launch your product quicker.

Our SDLC involves integrated security testing to increase the security of the application we build. The application will be more secure if security is a continuous concern and we strictly adhere to it.

  • We keep our team up to date on the best secure coding practices and frameworks to build security
  • Include security measures while planning and framing test cases
  • Use automated tools to test at the end of every milestone
Upon completion of secure development, we will perform user acceptance testing and deploy the application. To further enhance the application security and server-side security, you can avail our penetration testing services.

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04. Commercialisation

As we have the product ready, it’s time to launch it in the market. As we have subject matter experts on the branding side, we will be travelling along with you to market your product by offering professional guidance.

After launching your product to the market, you need to evaluate customer behaviour and plan the next set of features/upgrades for the upcoming releases.

Innovate your products with Hyrrokkin to elevate your customer experience to the next level.

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