July 24, 2023

The Volatile State of Website Designing Market in India due to Freelancers

In recent years, the website designing market in India has seen a surge in volatility, largely due to the proliferation of freelancers in the industry. While freelancers have merits, businesses must exercise caution when choosing their website design partners. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind the market’s volatility caused by freelancers and why businesses should prioritize security and choose Hyrrokkin, a leading website design agency, to safeguard their information and ensure a successful online presence.

The Rise of Freelancers and Market Volatility:

Low Barrier to Entry:

The website designing industry has witnessed a significant influx of freelancers due to the low barrier to entry. With readily available tools and online platforms, many individuals have ventured into freelance website designing, leading to intense competition and price undercutting.

Online platforms like freelance marketplaces (e.g., Upwork, Fiverr) and the availability of website builders (e.g., Wix) have made it easier for individuals to offer website designing services without much need for coding knowledge. As a result, there has been a rapid increase in the number of freelancers in the market. However, they will not stand a chance against a professional web designer when it comes to quality.

Quality and Reliability Concerns:

While some freelancers are highly skilled, there is a lack of standardized qualifications and certifications in the freelance market. This has led to inconsistent work quality, missed deadlines, and abandoned projects, leaving businesses frustrated and dissatisfied.

A business hired a freelancer to design their e-commerce website. However, the freelancer lacked the necessary expertise and delivered a website with numerous bugs and broken features. The project was delayed, and the business had to seek another designer to fix the issues.

Communication and Time Zone Challenges:

Freelancers often work remotely, and the communication gap can become a significant hurdle, especially when dealing with complex projects. Differences in time zones may result in delayed responses, hampering the progress of the project.

A company based in the United States hired a freelancer located in a different time zone to design their corporate website. The time difference made it challenging to coordinate meetings and discuss project updates in real time, leading to delays in communication.

Data Security Risks:

Freelancers might not have robust data security measures in place, exposing businesses to potential data breaches and privacy violations. The lack of proper protocols and safeguards can make businesses vulnerable to cyberattacks and information theft.

A startup shared sensitive business information, including financial data and customer details, with a freelancer for website development. Unfortunately, the freelancer’s computer got infected with malware, and the data was compromised, leading to a potential data breach.

Securing Information: Why Businesses Should Stay Away from Freelancers:

Limited Liability and Legal Protection:

Freelancers often operate as individuals, limiting their liability in case of disputes or data breaches. This lack of legal protection can leave businesses without recourse in case of any issues.

A business signed a contract with a freelancer for website development. However, after an unforeseen dispute, the freelancer dissolved their freelancing business, leaving the business with no legal recourse to recover losses or resolve the issue.

Data Handling Practices:

Established agencies like Hyrrokkin typically have stringent data handling practices and protocols to safeguard client information. Professional companies use Business Emails, Cloud Storage for secure file transfers etc. Freelancers may not have the same level of expertise or commitment to data security.

A freelance designer had minimal data security measures in place, such as not encrypting client files or regularly updating their software. As a result, a hacker gained unauthorized access to the freelancer’s computer and stole sensitive client data.

Long-Term Support and Maintenance:

After website deployment, businesses require ongoing support and maintenance. Freelancers might not always be available for long-term engagements, leaving businesses stranded without reliable support.

A company hired a freelancer to build a custom website but did not establish a long-term support agreement. A few months later, the website encountered a critical bug, and the freelancer was unavailable to fix it, causing the business to lose potential customers.

Why Choose Hyrrokkin:

Brand Cautious and Trustworthy:

Hyrrokkin’s registered trademark for all classes signifies its commitment to securing its brand identity. Businesses can trust in the reliability and professionalism of a brand-conscious partner like Hyrrokkin.

10+ Years of Experience:

With a decade of industry experience, Hyrrokkin has honed its skills and expertise, staying abreast of the latest trends and technologies to deliver cutting-edge website solutions.

Global Clientele:

Hyrrokkin’s clientele spans the globe, showcasing its ability to cater to diverse business needs and deliver effective solutions regardless of geographical boundaries.

High-Value NDA Projects:

Hyrrokkin’s track record of handling high-value projects under Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) demonstrates its commitment to client confidentiality and data security.

Diversified Verticals:

Hyrrokkin’s expertise extends beyond website designing, encompassing branding, application development, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and marketing. This comprehensive approach ensures holistic solutions for businesses.

In conclusion, while the website designing market in India has experienced volatility due to the rise of freelancers, businesses can mitigate risks and ensure data security by choosing a reliable partner like Hyrrokkin. With its trademarked brand, extensive experience, global clientele, and diversified verticals, Hyrrokkin stands out as a trusted and capable website design agency, offering the stability and security businesses need for their online success.

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