June 1, 2023

Best website Designing plan for a Tea Shop | Tea Shop Website Ideas

The tea shop business is highly a location-bound business. So do you need a website for a Tea shop? If you want to build your brand, my answer to the question is yes! you should create a website for your tea shop. The next question is how can we create the best website for a tea shop? What should you have on your tea shop website? In this article, we’re going to discuss all possible questions you’ll be having in your mind regarding creating a website for your tea shop.

The tea shop business is not only location-based but highly a time-bound business. As a tea shop brand, you will handle a thousand customers daily. The average time taken to serve a customer is less than a minute for a successful tea shop brand. Several tea shop brands have crossed second and third generations in business, but very few can scale up their business. The reason is the visibility of their brand is limited to the particular location, and the owners aren’t aware of the power of branding and digital marketing. There is a famous tea shop in Coimbatore called Velan Coffee. We used to travel 5 kilometres from our office to have a cup of tea. This Velan coffee has several branches in Coimbatore, and all branches will offer the same taste. To have a good experience, we travel that long even though we have plenty of options nearby. Your customer will become a recurring customer if we offer good taste, consistency in taste and proper branding both online and offline.

When a brand message is clear, it creates an impact on your customer’s mindset, and a website is the best tool to spread your brand message. You can control what information you want to show and what not to show. It is like a virtual address for your brand. With a website, you can attract more partners to become your franchise. You can update your branch locations and menu to give an overview to your customers. So the website is no longer a dead investment; you need it especially for your tea shop to scale your business. So let’s jump into the main topic.

Tea Shop Website Designing Plan

Best website Designing plan for a Tea Shop

Home Page:

An ideal home page for a tea shop shall have 2-3 sliding banners with offers and important brand messages. Next to the above-the-fold section, you shall consider showing short information about your brand. Followed by your special dishes to highlight and then navigate the user to check the full menu with a View Menu Button. After then, show the users some special numbers such as Years in Business, Number of servings made, number of happy customers etc. Following that, we can have some testimonials or information about the branch location etc. and end the home page with the footer navigation links and social icons.

About us:

Every brand has its own story; this is the right page to describe yours. Tell the audience what made you start your tea shop, what your inspirations are, how your brand is best, affiliations etc. You shall also include your vision/mission statements, as your website is for customers, investors, and franchise partners.

Menu Page:

Tea shops not only offer tea. Even if you offer only tea, you can list out the tea variants. Hence you need a proper menu page where users can identify what dishes you offer and their cost. If you want to have a digital QR code menu with an online ordering system (Pickup orders), we recommend you use Gleeca, a restaurant management system owned by our company. The good point in using Gleeca is you no need to pay anything. It is free until you get the thousand and one order in a month.

Photo Gallery Page:

Seeing is better than reading. Show the images of your interiors and exteriors. This will act as a virtual tour of your shop. A good number of photos containing your dishes and interiors will create interest among your users to visit or engage your business.

Contact Us page:

Creating a website for a tea shop aims to attract all kinds of users like customers, investors and partners. Hence we should give them the option to communicate with us; this page will help us. Try to include a contact form and branch details like address and mobile number using state and city filters along with Google map preview so that they can get directions.

Blog Page:

If you want to attract more users organically without spending money on marketing, you should start writing blogs. These blogs will help you get organic traffic from search engines. Try to add location details as a keyword in each post so that you can leverage the power of local SEO factor.

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