August 13, 2023

Compare & Choose the Best E-Commerce Provider – Revealing the Dirty Secrets

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, businesses are constantly seeking ways to establish their online presence quickly and efficiently. For those looking to avoid the complexities of DIY platforms like Shopify and Wix, ready-made e-commerce systems present an attractive solution. As the CEO of Hyrrokkin Branding Services Private Limited, I understand the challenges faced by startups and businesses aiming to venture into the online realm. In this article, I aim to guide you through the process of comparing and selecting the best e-commerce provider in India, while exposing some hidden pitfalls in the process.

The Pitfalls of Blindly Opting for Cost

One of the most common mistakes businesses make is basing their decision solely on cost. While affordability is crucial, it shouldn’t be the sole determining factor. The technical intricacies of e-commerce demand a deep understanding of the appropriate technology for your business model. Selecting a provider solely because they offer cheaper services can lead to disappointment in the long run. Allow me to illustrate this point with a real story:

A business owner from Bangalore approached us, criticizing our pricing as being suitable only for larger brands with substantial revenue. He chose a different provider based solely on cost. However, just a couple of months later, he faced slow website performance and was unable to upload products. He reached out to us for help, but we couldn’t salvage his broken site. His small investment went down the drain due to a hasty decision driven by cost. This story underscores the importance of considering factors beyond price when selecting an e-commerce provider.

Evaluating the Provider’s Credibility

  • Company’s Foundation: The longevity of an e-commerce provider is crucial. Many fly-by-night companies appear promising at first but vanish when you need support the most. Check the company’s founding date to ensure they have a track record of stability.

  • Domain Age Verification: To verify a company’s credibility, check its domain age using Whois data. For instance, to check Hyrrokkin’s domain age, you would visit This simple step can help you separate reliable providers from unreliable ones.

Understanding Recurring Costs and Version Control

A reputable e-commerce provider should emphasize version control and software updates. These updates keep your platform healthy and secure, ensuring your business growth remains unimpeded. Look for providers that offer monthly subscription plans with regular updates to ensure the long-term success of your e-commerce venture.

Requesting Live Demos and Ensuring Website Security

When considering an e-commerce provider, request live demos of both customer-side and admin-side scenarios. A provider’s ability to offer a comprehensive demo indicates their competence and punctuality.

Website Security Warranty

While a visually appealing e-commerce website can be enticing, security is paramount. Inquire about the level of security offered by the provider, or better yet, ask for a warranty on your website’s security. This will ensure that your business and customer data remain safe from potential threats.

ecommerce website security

Why Choose Hyrrokkin Branding Services Private Limited

  1. Application Security: At Hyrrokkin, we prioritize the security of your e-commerce platform, safeguarding both your business and your customers’ data.
  2. Professional Support: Our team is dedicated to providing you with professional and responsive support, ensuring your e-commerce journey is smooth and hassle-free.
  3. Transparent Process: We believe in transparency, and our process reflects this commitment, giving you a clear understanding of every step we take to develop your e-commerce solution.
  4. Affordable and Fair Pricing System: While cost should not be the sole factor, our pricing system is designed to be fair and competitive, offering value for your investment.
  5. Multilingual Support: With support available in English, Hindi, Tamil, and Bengali, we ensure effective communication regardless of your preferred language.

Choosing the right e-commerce provider is a critical decision that can impact the success of your online venture. By understanding the pitfalls of making decisions solely based on cost, evaluating a provider’s credibility, considering recurring costs and version control, requesting live demos, and prioritizing website security, you can make an informed choice. As the CEO of Hyrrokkin Branding Services Private Limited, my aim is to empower businesses to make the right decision by providing insights and guidance that go beyond the surface. Remember, a well-informed decision today can pave the way for your e-commerce success tomorrow.

-Alagu Rajeshwaran

Hyrrokkin Web Designing Service