When a Bootstrap framework is used to convert a Adobe Photoshop design into an optimally functional and user-friendly website; it is known as PSD to Bootstrap conversion.

Converting a PSD design to Bootstrap ensures that the resulting website is optimized for various devices and screen sizes. Bootstrap is a popular and widely used front-end framework that helps to create responsive, mobile-friendly websites quickly and efficiently.

Some of the advantages attached to conversion from PSD to Bootstrap include enhanced user experience, upgraded website performance, faster development of website and also better SEO.

Complexity of design, requisites of the client and also the number of pages on the website are the determinants of the timeframe of a PSD to Bootstrap conversion. The time taken can vary from a few days to a few weeks.

Yes, only when the design provided is structured properly and compatible with the Bootstrap grid system any PSD design can be converted to Bootstrap.

Just like the time frame the costs of the conversion from PSD to Bootstrap is dependent on the factors of client requirement. Page numbers and complexity of the given design. An accurate quote can only be given by the company taking up the project after an analysis of the overall requirements.